Show Tips

A happy & successful flower show entails a great deal of effort by the Show Committee and the Volunteers. It also requires the cooperation of the entrants, some of whom may not know the reasons for various rules or time constraints. Please check the following list before leaving home:

  • Bring your own:
    – Show Schedule (have your name on it & don’t cadge one from someone else!)
    – Paper towel or newspaper to prop entries in containers
    – Scissors or secateurs, and pen or pencil
  • Arrive early with your entries, and help to prevent last minute rush before cut-off time. It also takes time for coordinators to juggle entry space before judging can start. Judging must start on time.
  • Fill out entry slips at home if possible.
  • There are a limited number of water jugs. Do your share to keep them full.
  • Space on the set-up tables is limited. Please be courteous.
  • Please clean up your own mess – don’t leave it for someone else.
  • Please join in with the general clean-up after the show.
  • Please don’t remove your entries from the show tables until the Show Chair gives permission.

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updated September 4, 2015

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